Bingung mencari pembicara yang provokatif untuk mengisi acara anda?

Apakah anda ingin belajar Million Dollar Sales Technique ala wall-of-wall-street ?

Anda sulit rekrut orang sales?

Orang sales anda dibajak kompetitor?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

Team anda kurang motivasi dan lamban?

Pelanggan anda lari ke kompetitor?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

Team anda setelah training tidak ada perubahan?

SOP tidak jalan dan komplain konsumen meningkat?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

Orang sales suka memberikan diskon dan piutang meningkat?

Analisa pasar tidak akurat dan stok menumpuk di gudang?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

Sulit delegasi dan monitoring lemah?

Produksi lamban dan pengiriman sering terlambat?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

Manager anda lemah dan tidak disiplin?

Cari Solusinya di Business Coaching

5 Questions You Might Ask Before
Working With Coach Ben Abadi.

  • 1

    What businesses Coach Ben Abadi Been Owning And Helping To Grow?
    Various industries from manufacturing, property, hotel, services, retails and family businesses.

  • 2

    What guarantee Do I Get When hiring coach Ben Abadi as my business and executive coach?
    Proven and tested success coaching system from international organizations such as ICF,ABNLP,Facet 5 and money coaching Institute based In USA.

  • 3

    How long Does The Coaching Program Run For?
    Ranging from 6 months to 18 months depending the program objectives and the size of the goals.

  • 4

    What makes Coach Ben Abadi different?
    18 years of business practical experiences combined with more than 10,000 hours of coaching various industries with high percentage of success rate. Known as been-there-done-that coach and powerful public speaker.

  • 5

    How much is the investment of coaching program?
    It varies depending on the scope of the program and the problem complexity. However, we will customize the best value-packed program for you to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

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